About us

Who We Are

With more than a decade of sincere participation in voluntary charity and social welfare work, our esteemed founder decided to take a step towards the future and establish the “Rashmona Foundation.” Founded during the opening of 2022, Rashmona became a fully self- funded, nonprofit welfare organisation with a goal to contribute to resolving prevalent socio- economic issues. Today, Rashmona follows the same principles of spreading ‘Help and Hope’ to those who need it, only now under a proper organizational structure.

Rashmona Foundation aims to enhance the well- being of the members of the underprivileged  communities of Bangladesh by provision of good quality education, vocational training facilities and comprehensive social support programs. Our primary goal remains working towards the overall development of our society, by focusing on eradication of poverty and providing adequate opportunities to the “lower-class” population, allowing them to flourish as contributing members of society.

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