Who We Are

With the sincere participation of different types of charity activities for last 12 years through different charity organization and groups of dedicated volunteer, without having any proper structure. Rashmona Foundation was finally established in 2022 as a fully self-funded non-profit organization to perform different socio economic development activities and more precisely within a strong organizational structure and governance.

Rashmona Foundation Is dedicated on enhancing the well-being and development of disadvantaged communities in Bangladesh through Quality education, Vocational training and Comprehensive social support programs. Our primary aim is to develop a poverty free society by competent and self-reliant population and continuously work on the improvement of lives of the under privileged population of Bangladesh.

Our Programs

Rashmona Apon Ghor

Since January 2022, Rashmona Foundation has been operating a shelter home titled “Rashmona Apon Ghor” for Homeless kids & elderly people in Dhaka city.

Rashmona Shonirvorota

At present, the youth comprise about 45% of the population of Bangladesh. In the absence of education, guidance and proper training, a large section of youth find themselves 

Rashmona Dipto Bhobishot

We the “Rashmona Foundation” believe every child has the right to receive a basic education. But unfortunately, in Bangladesh, hundreds of thousands of children are 

Rashmona Shwapno Bunon

In Bangladesh, women from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds are often oppressed because of their lack of knowledge and skills. To facilitate social security and economic freedom of 

Rashmona Asroy

Like other chronic diseases, cancer patient, survivor and their family members need extra support and special attention on different course of their treatment. 


Education Served


Elderly parents & Children saved


Skill Development



Become A Volunteer

Rashmona Foundation will be proud to have you as a volunteer.

Our Activities

The Rashmona Foundation: Light up lives with Iftar, food, clothing, and disaster relief initiatives.

Rashmona Foundation Ramadan Iftar Distribution

The Rashmona Foundation Food Assistance Program is a dedicated initiative aimed at providing essential food support to 

Food Assistance by Rashmona Foundation

The Rashmona Foundation Food Assistance Program is a dedicated initiative aimed at providing essential food support to 

Rashmona Foundation Winter Clothing Support

The Rashmona Foundation’s Winter Clothing Support Program is here to help folks who need warm clothes during the cold winter months.

Rashmona Foundation Disaster Relief Support

The Rashmona Foundation’s Disaster Relief Support Program helps people when really tough things happen, like floods

I have been volunteering with this amazing charity organization for the past year, and it has been an incredibly rewarding experience. The dedication to child education, old age and child care, and skill development for young people is truly commendable. The team’s passion for making a positive impact in these crucial areas is evident in every project they undertake.

Shilpi Akter


Volunteering for this charity organization has been a life-changing experience for me. The commitment to child education, old age and child care, and skill development for young people reflects a deep understanding of the diverse needs within our community.

Mosamot Asha


The charity organization’s dedication to transparency and community engagement is commendable. They actively involve volunteers in decision-making processes and provide opportunities for skill enhancement. Being a part of this community-driven initiative has been an enriching journey, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of others.

MD. Mehedi Hasan

Project Coordinator

Our Blog

“A Glimpse into Tomorrow: Creating Lasting Impact with Rashmona Foundation”

Rashmona Shonirbhorota

Rashmona Foundation’s self-financed field visits and reviews of each project prior to initiation reveal a tremendous potential of how much the project will benefit the...

Rashmona Apon Ghor

Welcome to “Rashmona Foundation”. Our mission is simple yet profound: to bring hope and happiness to the lives of the poorest and most disadvantaged people...

Rashmona Dipto Bhobishot

Today’s children are tomorrow’s future. But the future of the society depends on them, a large part of them are still deprived of the light...
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