Rashmona Apon Ghor

Since January 2022, Rashmona Foundation has been operating a shelter home titled “Rashmona Apon Ghor” for Homeless kids & elderly people in Dhaka city.

Rashmona Shonirvorota

At present, the youth comprise about 45% of the population of Bangladesh. In the absence of education, guidance and proper training, a large section of youth find themselves 

Rashmona Dipto Bhobishot

We the “Rashmona Foundation” believe every child has the right to receive a basic education. But unfortunately, in Bangladesh, hundreds of thousands of children are 

Rashmona Shwapno Bunon

In Bangladesh, women from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds are often oppressed because of their lack of knowledge and skills. To facilitate social security and economic freedom of 

Rashmona Asroy

Like other chronic diseases, cancer patient, survivor and their family members need extra support and special attention on different course of their treatment. 

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