Rashmona Foundation Disaster Relief Support

Rashmona Foundation Disaster Relief Support

(Home of homeless kids & elderly parents)

As a country located in the tropics, Bangladesh annually faces many types of natural disasters, including floods, droughts, cyclones, tornados and many more. Now, while the urban infrastructure provides some level of protection from such disasters, the poverty-inflicted population, usually unable to afford cemented walls, are often forced to feel the weight of it. Wrecked houses, damaged crop land and loss of lives are recurring consequences of these natural disasters. What is even more unfortunate is that more often than not, many disaster victims are not able to get the adequate relief and rehabilitation facilities due to their persisting poverty issue.

Recognising this issue, the Rashmona foundation established the Rashmona Foundation Disaster Relief Support program, which basically provides aid to disaster vicitms. Our teams are dedicated to protect these victims and support them through this time of fear and uncertainty. The aims of the program include:

  1. Relief and rehabilitation: providing free food, water, medical supplies and sanitary products to the victims, along with temporary shelter to help them through the the disastrous aftermath.
  2. Quick response: providing our services immediately after the disaster strikes to minimise damage.
  3. Reconstructing affected infrastructure: immediately after rescuing the affected civillians, we overlook the rebuilding of the damaged properties by provision of funds, tools and other required resources.

The main goal of the program stands as protecting the disaster victims and helping them get back on their feet as soon as possible. The aftermath of these natural disasters can be quite frightening, but having a little bit of support always helps. And this support is the very thing the Rashmona Foundation aims to provide

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